Home Décor’s 7 Deadly Sins

Home Decor's 7 Deadly SinsFor ages, many have tried to live model lives by treading carefully around the seven biblical pitfalls of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride.

Others have mocked these generalisations as outdated and irrelevant to modern day Man.

After all, the people who came up with these Seven Deadly Sins once firmly believed that the Sun orbited around the Earth.

Beds.sg finds that these ancient guidelines are still relevant in a field that few might’ve ever considered them to be: Home Décor.


Lust in Home DecorFashions trends are generally short-lived; hot one day, gone the next.

So unless you’ve plenty of money to burn and don’t mind throwing out your furniture as often as you get rid of out-of-season clothes, resist the lustful urge to buy the sexiest, trendiest furniture just to keep up with the times.

Rather, invest in some evergreen, timeless classic pieces that you won’t be ashamed to keep by your side. Chances are, they’ll serve your needs more faithfully than all the furniture you’ve been ogling at on the glossy pages of that posh home & décor magazine.

Gluttony & Greed

It’s human nature to always want more, even when you’ve had quite enough.

The effects of this trait are often manifested in your home if you’ve the misinterpreted mindset of “the more the merrier”.

Gluttony & Greed in Home DecorVases, lamps, tables, sofas, chairs, bookshelves…you bring them in by the dozens in a misguided attempt to make your home look less spartan.

You probably won’t realise it, but you’re using up precious living space for unessential clutter, collecting and hoarding more than what you’ve room for.

The end result is a cramped, cluttered and overcrowded home which isn’t the least bit welcoming to visitors.

So stop buying things till there’s a genuine need for something specific in that particular corner of the home.


Laziness in Home DecorOf course, on the other end of the spectrum from the over-enthusiastic homeowner is the lazy one who puts in minimal effort and expects the home to fall in place on its own.

It’s a huge no-no to hand over the entire project to an interior designer.  A professional may know better when it comes to the aesthetics, but ultimately, you’re the one who’s going to be living there.

Your home should be an extension of your personality and not that of your designer. Your signature style must manifest itself in every aspect of the home.

Take firm control of your project by stating your preferences and dislikes. These should allow the designer’s ideas to take shape with your interests and comfort at heart.

But that being said, you shouldn’t be selecting individual favourites and expecting them to fit in perfectly together on their own either.

For years you may’ve loved pink walls, a green sofa set, glass tables with steel frames and black cabinets.

Individually, they’d look pretty, but placing them together in one room may have disastrous results.

With the big picture in mind, make an effort in picking out things that go well together. Paintwork should highlight the furniture you buy and the upholstery used should fit into the whole feel of the décor. Relevant accessories and artifacts must be used to fill in the remaining gaps and bring a cohesive appeal to the room. 


Avoiding Anger in Home DecorMost people don’t enjoy being left out of the conversation so don’t lay your living room out around your sleek, new home theatre system.

We have the tendency of placing sofa sets and chairs pushed up against the wall, not realising that when everyone’s sitting down, those at the corners have to squeeze inwards and strain their ears to participate in a conversation.

To avoid tempers flaring from feeling left out, avoid the conventional theatre seating arrangement.

Instead, bring the seating closer together in a U-shape to encourage and facilitate conversation and interaction. This also makes the room look more lived-in, cosy and inviting.

Envy & Pride

Pride & Envy in Home DecorThe surges of pride from knowing that your home is the object of everyone’s envy are indeed fantastic.

So it’s no wonder that many people splurge on the most expensive artifacts and accessories to purely to flaunt their apparent wealth and not because it’s something that they genuinely like.

The home must never be an intimidating symbol of wealth and opulence, but warm, welcoming, tasteful and elegant for anyone who enters through that front door.

It may not be stunning and breathtaking, but it’ll still be your little corner of heaven at the end of the day.

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Anu Seth is a writer, editor and journalist with over 15 years of experience, writing on a diverse range of topics. She writes with sincerity and has had interesting experiences living in different parts of the world. As a mother of two, she prides herself on keeping a good home. Singapore remains her favorite country.

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  1. these are some nice tips that you have shared. i decorate my home myself so i feel good and comfortable in it when i come home after a tiresome job. People usually go to bars to relax. I want my home to be my relaxing place with my wife and kids.

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