The Aircon’s Fixed…I Think?


With the hot and humid weather in Singapore, the last thing you want is for your air conditioning to fail on you.

Or to fall prey to air conditioning cheats.

Know what went wrong


If you’re not aware of what went wrong with your air conditioner, chances are these technicians might tell you more than what actually is malfunctioning and charge you for unnecessary repair works: A simple indoor unit leakage, which could be easily fixed by flushing the drainage pipe, suddenly becomes a leakage of the trunking as well.

Or so he says.

By knowing beforehand where the problem lies and telling the technician specifically what you want fixed, not only are you cutting unnecessary costs, you’re also communicating with your technician that he will not be able to trick you into making unnecessary repairs.

You’ve the upper hand and, in this case, knowledge is power.  

Take precautions even when changing air conditioners

Even completely changing your air conditioning units is not always the solution to your air conditioning problems.

When I was doing my renovations for my house, my contractor in charge shared with me horror stories on how some air conditioning installers cheat their customers:

You’ve decided to replace your old units with a completely new set. However, less than a year later, your air conditioning’s down again and, this time, worse than before.

You did not even know what had hit you.

While you were too busy to supervise the full installation of the units, these conmen had kept the new parts that came with the units and replaced them with your old parts.

On the surface, your air conditioner was brand new but, without new compressors or condensers, the vital parts that keep your air conditioning running well, all you’d paid for was a new makeover for your spoilt air conditioner.

Ask for certification


If you’re living in flats by the Housing and Development Board (HDB), you’ll first have to ensure that they’ve been trained under the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).

Upon arrival, you can ask the installers for their certification and do a double check on BCA’s website later to ensure that they’re included in the list of BCA-trained installers.  


Our recommendation is to hire installers or technicians based on referrals.

Since no friend would recommend a bad technician to another friend, word-of-mouth is usually the most reliable method in such cases.

Also, technicians who rely on business through referrals will do a good job so that you, in return, would recommend them to other potential clients.


Another way is to keep strict supervision over the air conditioner repair or installation.

Even if you’re too busy to supervise the entire process, ensure you’re there in the beginning at the end of the installation. This way, you can keep track of the work and ensure the same parts checked on in the beginning are still in place at the end.

Always test your air conditioner before you dismiss the technician.

If you dismiss him, and realise after he’d already left that your air conditioning was still down, chances are you’ll have to pay him a second time to return and fix it again.  

Never pay full till you’re satisfied


The best way to protect yourself against such cheats is to control payment.

Never trust a company that demands full payment before they complete the installations and, even after completion, make sure you check and are fully satisfied with the work before you make the final payment.

A sincere and reliable air conditioning company confident of their service will want to ensure your satisfaction before receiving payment.

They’d want to prove that they can deliver and that you, as the consumer, will be happy with their work.

To ensure you stay comfortable in this unpredictable weather, it’s always better to be safe (and cool) than sorry (and hot) by protecting your rights as a consumer.