We’ve Had A Facelift!

beds main pageAs you probably might’ve noticed, Beds.sg has been looking a lot sexier recently.

Gone is the chunky navigation bar with its terribly cluttered menu and purely brand-based browsing. Best sellers and featured items have been removed from their previous ‘in-your-face’ position on the front page. The top menu is also no longer a cluttered mess of tiny text.

So what exactly happened?

Cheap Copycats Happened

Beds.sg PromisesA few months ago, this other local furniture website surfaced on the Internet. Apart from a horrendous pinkish purple colour scheme and some really terrible web formatting, it was basically identical to us. They took all our product ideas and basically scanned and uploaded every catalogue they could lay their hands on with no quality control whatsoever, even watermarking photographs which weren’t taken by them (we shoot our own furniture). Our promises were copied wholesale, the layout couldn’t be more similar and even our product descriptions were plagiarised word-for-word on their site.

This snapped us back to the reality that there’s still competition for out there, though the competency of the competition is debatable. We realised that we couldn’t rest on our laurels and that we had to improve ourselves, to make your shopping experience with us more interactive, relevant and simple. So we got to work.

Our staff worked around the clock to widen our catalogue and improve our site. We began doing things that we’d always wanted to do but didn’t think were urgent. Things like sourcing for more accessories, diversifying into niche furniture like teak, and even bringing in products unique to Singapore. Site improvements like optimising the use of webpage space for easy navigation and including our brutally frank opinions on our very own products were also forced to a jumpstart after we sat idle with just ideas floating around in our heads for way too long.

Now we’re proud to present our new look and a peek of what’s to come.

Credibility SymbolsOur Trust Symbols and Testimonials

Singaporeans have a penchant for media endorsements on anything. They queue for hours on end to buy their lunch from hawker stalls plastered with photographs and newspaper cuttings of local celebrities posing with the beaming stall owner.

We’ve had our fair share of media coverage on both our very affordable mattresses as well as our very novel Free Mattress Program, unlike some of the more dubious websites out there. Our mattresses were featured on “Same But Different”, a primetime variety show on Mediacorp’s Channel 5 with Chua Enlai. Some of our sleeping wellness tips were also given a special mention on The Straits Times as well.

It’s an honour to be featured by these media channels, but they also provided a very real endorsement of our substance and quality. We want to pass on that quality assurance to you through these recognisable brands.

At the bottom of that same column is also a small selection of unedited testimonials from our many satisfied customers to give you an unbiased consumer endorsement of Beds.sg.

Easier Navigation

If yCategory Shoppingou’re a frequent visitor, you’d probably notice that there’s a vast reduction in the number of words on our home page. That’s because we’ve made changes that eradicate all the squinting and precise clicking on the categories when you’re browsing our site. Everything has been replaced by simple, large pictorial icons of different product categories to maximise the limited space we have on our webpage.

Our mattress selection, the backbone of our entire business, has also been revamped. What previously was limited to a purely brand-based categories has now branched out into a search based on mattress firmness, mattress types, size on top of the existing brand and best-seller options, so you can find your perfect mattress with ease.

You’ll also find that the links that used to be in the top right hand corner are now separated. All our add-on features like the Forum and Magazine have been iconised and moved to the right-hand column to make these resources more visible to our customers, leaving more room for the Beds.sg information material at the top. The main page banner has also been replaced with a revolving flash banner that brings the most relevant information to you by showcasing highlights in Beds.sg, like our new products and promotions.

Daring To Be Honest

With all the dubious sites emerging on the Web, we realised that the lack of quality checks on each site was sullying the name of local online furniture retail. In a blind race between sites to have the most extensive product selection around, visitors to these site had just the bare product specifications and low quality images scanned hastily from catalogues to base their purchase decision on.

Honest OpinionIt’s always been our practice to experience each product before deciding to sell it. Hence you’ll only find two types of products on Beds.sg: low budget products that are suitable for temporary use, as well as decently-priced beautiful furniture  that we, as home-proud people, would personally love to have in our homes.

After putting in so much effort into sifting out the most worthwhile purchases from the sea of furniture available in the market, we didn’t want all our hard work to go to waste. There was a need to place a clear distinction between the two groups of furniture and we found that our user reviews, though honest, were a little too kind towards some of our lower quality products.

We summoned the courage to take the leap and tread unchartered territory in local retail by introducing the “Our Honest Opinion” tab in the product descriptions. In each of these honest descriptions, we’re brutally frank about about the features, merits and demerits of each product, so you have a clearer picture of what you’re getting yourself into once you click that “Place Order” button. After all, we’ve nothing to hide and only want what’s best for you.

Akan Datang

What’s coming up here at Beds.sg is a whole series of exciting developments. We’re currently working on things like a mattress free trial together with the launch of a mind-blowing new product we’ve just discovered; the first of its kind in the region. Improvements at Beds.sg have just gotten started, so sit tight and brace yourself for more surprises to come!

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