Have you met Bob?

red lazy bobYou’ve probably noticed him; a strange hybrid between a mattress and a lounge chair, sitting quietly among the new arrivals on our Beds.sg megastore.

Just in case you haven’t, we’re very pleased to introduce you to the Lazy Bob – the newest, and also the most slothful member of the Beds.sg family (that is, if you’re not counting this writer in).

Who’s Bob?

It’s impossible to label the Lazy Bob as part of any particular furniture category.

Mattresses aren’t quite as versatile, lounge chairs are far less comfortable and sofa beds…well, sofa beds look nothing like it.

Unorthodox PositionsThe Lazy Bob is a never-before-seen contraption. A few effortless clicks of the spring loaded joints in the skeletal steel frame contort the comfy sheet of high density foam into just about any position you may desire.

Three clicks raise the back of the Lazy Bob from lying flat on the ground as a futon to an upright sitting position. Another three notches up the base joint prop your legs up in the perfect position for a relaxing evening in front of the goggle box.

If you want to drape your arms over the back of your head, a little bending of the headrest lets them hang lazily over the edge like those of a sleepy sloth.

Yes, the Lazy Bob’s one cool dude. That’s why we’re now his sole regional distributor.

How Does He Work?

Three 5-position elevation joints make the Lazy Bob what it is. They were conceptualised after simple observation of the human body and its main joints: namely the knees, the pelvis and the neck.

Lazy Bob JointsA simple math sum reveals the multitude of possibilities that the Lazy Bob opens up: since there are three, 5-position elevation joints, we’ll take 5, times it by 5 and multiply it by 5 again.

Yup, that means the Lazy Bob has a whopping 125 positions to offer. That’s pretty darn flexible for such a lazy chap!

The removable and washable polyester covers on the Lazy Bobs are also available across a whole spectrum of colours, so lounging around never gets dull.

A Non-intravenous Tranquilizer

We’ve received plenty of requests to try out the Lazy Bob, and believe us, we’re working on a marketing plan to drag his lazy bum out of the warehouse for you to get a feel of him.

But honestly, things have been rather slow since the Lazy Bob arrived.

Staff members have been using most of their working hours to “discover the various positions of the Lazy Bob” and spending an awful lot of time lying rather motionless in any one position. Some are even asking to abandon their desks, wanting to turn Lazy Bobs into their personal offices.

But we’re picking things up. So pretty soon, you’ll get to meet the very awesome Lazy Bob in the ‘flesh’. Stay tuned!

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