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Day in day out, you slog your butt off for that promotion, that performance bonus and those extra cookie points with your boss, with no respite in sight.

It doesn’t even end there. There’re those dreaded night classes and self-upgrading courses that you drag yourself to outside of working hours. You may tell people that it’s all to upgrade your skills and improve your value as an employee, but really, you’re just doing it for the pay raise, or to get yourself out of a job which you hate.

stressed singaporeanAnd as much as you enjoy complaining about how all the OT you racked up took its toll on your sleep, you know that you’re guilty of sneaking that extra hour or two of Korean dramas and online shopping; time that could have been spent sleeping.

We know.

That’s actually why BEDS.sg brought in the Sepora line of mattresses, so we Singaporeans can make the most out of whatever little sleep we get.

Sepora: Dream Within A Dream

Before you get all confused, Sepora has nothing to do with the Hollywood blockbuster film Inception which boggled Singaporean minds in local cinemas just last year.

Sepora RilassIts tagline, “Dream Within A Dream” is a reflection of the young, local sleepcare start-up’s vision of creating mattresses catered to those in pursuit of the infamous Singaporean Dream: Car, Card, Cash and Condominium, only to forgo the dreams that come with sound, restful sleep every night.

Sepora has put together six varying combinations of coil, quilting, cushioning and firmness to make sure that no one is left out when it comes to maximising the quality of sleep here in Singapore.

From the entry-level Base model with its modest microfibre fabric and superlastic spring system for the struggling wage-earner, to the top-end sepora exquisitoExquisito, which boasts a dual-coil system overlaid with a beautiful, velour-coated plush pillow-top, upon which to nestle the exhausted body of the diligent achiever, Sepora does indeed have something for every Singaporean.

Here at BEDS.sg, we’re more than proud to be the only place in Singapore (at the moment) where you can lay your hands on a Sepora.

So drop us a line and we’ll tell you more on how you can live the Singaporean dream in the day, and dive into a plethora of beautiful dreams after dark.

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