Water Better, Faster, Stronger


We don’t have enough time.

We want downloads to be faster, MRTs to be more frequent and any food that takes more than 3 minutes to prepare simply isn’t worth the wait.

So showers are turned on at full blast without any thought to save water or the environment. We need the high pressure.

After all, the only way to increase the water pressure is for more water to flow through the shower head at any one time, right?

Turns out, bath time isn’t supposed to take so darned long either.

Econojet: Name Says It All

The Koreans have come up with Econojet; a series of water-saving shower heads for your bathroom. The series includes a stylish chromed bulb shower head (ALJ-220), a chromed hand shower (ALJ-120) and even an interesting see-through hand shower (ALJ-110), that lets you sneak a peek into the inner works of the EconoJet series.

Chrome-Shower-HeadsHarnessing pressure created by the existing water flow, a patented vacuum valve sucks air in from the surroundings and pumps it into the water flow.

The result is a higher pressure of water flow for more effective cleaning with less of our precious resource actually being used, without any external device, tried and tested to save up to 40% of water during bath time and hundreds of dollars in utility bills over the years.

This patented vacuum valve system has garnered EconoJet’s line of shower heads excellent scores in stringent quality and water conservation certifications, like the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Watersense certification in the United States and even outdone the minimum requirement of 5 litres/min for a ‘3 Ticks’ certification by local product testing, inspection and certification authority TÜV SÜD PSB, with just a miniscule average water consumption of 1.60 litres/min for the ALJ-110. The test reports for the ALJ-110, ALJ-120 and ALJ-220 are indeed astounding!

Installation’s absolutely idiot-proof too. Simply unscrew your existing shower head (if any) and screw on your new Econojet shower head. No external pumps or filters to worry about.

So clean up your act fast with the Econojet and save yourself a bunch of water, time and cash. Learn more from the video below!

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