Furniture Delivery Mini-Guide


We’ve been providing furniture delivery services for a few years now for all the items bought on our online store. Most of them go pretty smoothly and are completed quickly.

However, as our catalogue expands, so does the size of some of our furniture pieces, especially since some cannot be flat-packed. In the recent months, we’ve been facing some issues with delivery of larger pieces of pre-installed furniture, like the three-seater piece of the Medley Sofa Set, which simply couldn’t fit into an elevator, or subsequently through the doorway of the customer’s home (see below for video).

Not all elevators and doorways are made equal, even in our local public housing. To avoid added costs of staircase delivery, damage to furniture and to quicken the delivery process, we advise all customers to note the following:

– Take into account the dimensions of the furniture as stated clearly in the product descriptions
– Grab a measuring tape to note the dimensions of all doorways that the furniture has to go through enroute to your delivery location (doorways to rooms, main door, elevator doors etc)
– Ensure that the particular piece you’re considering can easily fit through all doorways and into the elevators (for self-collection, note whether the piece can fit into your vehicle if you’re driving, or if it is feasible to be carried by hand)

Please spare a thought for our delivery crew too. Furniture ttems which cannot fit into lifts are likely to be large and heavy and apartment blocks are getting higher and higher; a staircase delivery up to the 25th storey can be, extremely exhausting to say the least.

Happy shopping!

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