The 9 Don’ts for Online furniture buying

Woman shopping with computer and credit cardBuying online has become very popular and is rapidly becoming a norm in our daily lives. Online shopping has even become a habit and routine to some.  Some check on their favourite online stores every day just so they don’t miss out on new arrivals or updates and even go to the extent of subscribing to mailing lists so that they don’t miss out on great deals.

Buying online is convenient and saves time. Searching for stuff online is very easy and costs only a click. Because online stores don’t require a physical shop, they save up on costs, and in turn can afford to sell their goods at a cheaper price.

Knowing an online store’s reputation can be done by either reading on the customer posts on forums, or looking through a store’s customer feedback page. If you want to compare product prices, you won’t have to travel from the West Coast to Pasir Ris. You can simply stay put at your desktop and visit other online stores virtually.

Just a while ago, the idea of buying online was dismissed by many due to issues of privacy and security but now, these are hardly concerns anymore.  It is nice that even Banking and other sensitive transactions can be handled online.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the countless benefits of online shopping. However, there are a few ‘no-nos’ to look out for.

Don’t neglect measurement. You wouldn’t want to end up having what was meant for your room to be placed in your kitchen instead. How about the instance of your newly bought sofa being unable to fit through your main door? Do have an idea of what furniture you want and where you want them to be placed. Measure the space that you want your particular item to be placed at.


Don’t neglect the fine prints. You wouldn’t want to misunderstand a product’s price and terms of the free stuff that come with it. Such things happening will only result with you becoming one very disappointed and angry customer. Do go through the product’s description in detail. Read the terms and conditions or FAQs to avoid misunderstandings. Make sure there are no hidden costs.


Don’t be shy. If you have any questions about a product, ask. You are the buyer and you have every right to fully understand what you are buying. Do confirm all your queries and doubts before making your final decision. There must be a hotline or contact number that you can reach.


Don’t neglect your budget. You wouldn’t want to end up getting all confused in front of your computer screen and be overwhelmed with countless furniture options. Budget setting is the most important role when it comes to buying anything.  The wide array of furniture that you see online will most probably make you go crazy. Do have a budget to narrow down your search and allow decision making easier for yourself.


Don’t discard receipts. It sucks to end up in a situation where you know that your item is still under warranty and you can’t locate the receipt that permits the exchange. How about a situation where your furniture doesn’t arrive on schedule and you call up the company and nobody has records of your purchase? Do keep a copy of all online correspondence. A softcopy receipt beats the hardcopy that might eventually end up in the bin.


Don’t trust just any website. Some websites might be scams to cheat people off money and personal information. Do make sure that it’s a secured website that you’re buying from, especially if you are required to make payment with cards online.


Don’t shun off options. Imagine that you’ve already paid for a nice looking black sofa online and when the sofa finally arrives at your house 2 days later, it isn’t black and the leather on it is slightly worn. That wouldn’t be nice would it? If possible, settle for payment on delivery. This way, you can reject any goods right away if they are in poor condition. It is much more secure and you wouldn’t have to leave any sensitive personal information in the internet server.


Don’t neglect reading reviews. Some sellers might be masters of marketing but sell products that aren’t that great at all. Do search and read on reviews on both the seller and products.  It is through reviews from previous customers where one can find out how good or bad a seller or product really is.


Don’t forget the return policy. For instances where you receive a product that is different or damaged, the return policy ensures that your product can be refunded or exchanged. Do make sure there is a return policy before you purchase any product, for it is a must for the seller to offer one.