Good Sleep: People know that it is important but can’t seem to get it

A Solution to end the wake ups of aches and perspiration

Good sleep is one of the most important needs in life, or rather is the most important need in life. Having good rest helps one perform better, feel better, and is essential for one’s health and wellbeing. However, most people don’t get good sleep due to the weather being too warm, or not feeling comfortable enough on their beds. Some even suffer through their days with neck aches and body pains, which make them angry people who can’t perform to their optimum. The solution we suggest is the Sepora Kool Gel Memory Pillow.

file_163_76It is shaped in a way where the depth of the pillow is higher and rounded at the top, curves down at the bottom 2/5 of its body where depth is the lowest, before finally curving up slightly at its end. These curves and altered depths are made specially to fit the specific portions to the resting head of a normal human body. It provides a healthier sleep by keeping the shoulders, head and neck in alignment. In addition, it keeps the spine in natural placement, and counterbalances the points in a body. This alleviates and prevents many forms of neck pains and back pains.

The memory foam used is high in density and is known to soften in reaction to body heat. It forms back to its original shape again when the pressure is removed.  When a human head rests on a memory foam pillow, the pillow will allow the head to sink in perfectly and mould to the shape of the head to provide great support and thus helps relieve pressure points. This further reinforces the user from not suffering from neck pains and back pains through sleep.

So Sepora decides to top their creation by adding a layer of their Kool Gel directly beneath the surface of the pillow where a head should lie. Their Kool Gel technology is known to add that mild icy feeling to the human touch, allowing the user to feel cool even without having to switch on air-conditioning. Kool Gel sheets contain hydrophilic macromolecules that reduce heat very quickly. It evaporates heat through evaporation. Kool Gel contains Menthol, a natural plant extraction that easily penetrates the skin to bring about that cooling effect.

With that said, the Sepora Kool Gel Memory Pillow is basically a support pillow stuffed with memory foam that’s slapped on withimg_0745Sepora’s Kool Gel technology. It is the cure for neck aches, backaches, provides a cooler sleep experience, and the support required for a good night’s sleep.