4 Tips For Chinese New Year Furniture Shopping

Chinese New Year Furniture Shopping

Chinese New Year Furniture Shopping

Chinese New Year approaches and once again, we find ourselves in the middle of the mad rush to get our houses in shape for visits.

Most of the furniture supply here in Singapore comes from furniture manufacturers in the Asian region, most of which are heavily staffed with Chinese workers.

During this period, the supply of new furniture cuts off about a fortnight before the Lunar New Year as migrant workers return home to their respective countries and towns to prepare for the spring festival. Delivery schedules are also packed full, resulting in late deliveries.

Ports too are especially busy during this period and shipments may take longer to arrive, especially from major manufacturing countries like China.

So while retailers can stay open till the eleventh hour, you may not be able to complete your furniture shopping in time for Lunar New Year visitation if you procrastinate.

Read User Reviews 

Furniture Store ReviewsNot everything that a renowned furniture store carries is good and neither are there completely zero quality gems in your plain mom-and-pop store.

Always read reviews of products and services of these brands online. If you’re shopping on a furniture e-Commerce website, you should check the user reviews on a furniture or décor piece before you purchase it.

“Are the reviews faked? How can I trust them?” you may ask.

A couple of reviews here and there may be easy to fake, but really, no retailer has the time to add multiple fake reviews to each of its products, especially if they number in the thousands.

An excellent tell-tale sign of an online store’s integrity lies in the reviews. You’ll know that a store is trustworthy if there is a mix of good and bad reviews published. Some stores even go to the extent of reviewing their own furniture when they find that customers are too happy with a lower quality item.

Do note, however, that stores have the right to edit or remove reviews that reveal personal information or use offensive language. Stores also have the right to reply any review before publishing it.

Check Returns & Refunds

Always check the returns & refunds policy of the store that you are purchasing your furniture from. Some furniture stores have unique returns and refund policies for each individual product so always check the specifics. You don’t want to welcome the New Year with a broken couch.

Check all Furniture Measurements

Many people make sure to take accurate measurements of the space that they need to fill before they buy furniture.

However, many people forget how the furniture gets delivered into their location in the first place. Before ordering any piece of furniture for delivery, take note of its measurements and ensure that it can fit through all the ‘gates’ that delivery staff have to pass through before it reaches your location. These include:

– Elevators

– Elevator & Staircase landings

– Staircases (especially turning points and height clearance)

– Doors and Gates

When planning the placement of your furniture, also take note to leave sufficient room for maneuvering of moving objects. That includes leaving room around it for people to move around and doors or drawers to open and close.

Place Your Order Early

Furniture Sets SingaporeKiasuism (and maybe a slight touch of kiasi-ness) will do you plenty of good in the lead up to the Lunar New Year.

If you’re shopping around in malls and brick & mortar stores, the safest bet is to check if the retailer has ready furniture stock for you. If the retailer has to bring it in, ensure that the delivery lead time is sufficient and that he has a good returns and refunds policy.

Take a good look at the lead-time before you make a purchase. If you’re not picky, browse the items that have “Next Day Delivery” or “Same Day Delivery”.

From all of us at FortyTwo, Happy Lunar New Year to you!


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