FortyTwo X Shiberty Bakes

Jessica Loh of Shiberty Bakes & Furniture from FortyTwo for Cafes

Popular lifestyle blogger Jessica Loh is not just known for her musings on beauty, travel and fashion as Shiberty, but also for her homemade cooking and recipes.

“I believe that good food isn’t just for the tummy, but for the soul as well!” the pretty, sprightly 24 year old laughs.

Dining Tables and Chairs for Cafe and Restaurant

What started as a casual hobby by a self-taught baker turned into a business creating personalised pastries for special events, an extension of her personal brand, named Shiberty Bakes. But it soon became apparent that Shiberty Bakes needed a home.

“I wanted to start a no-frills, comfort-food style of dessert cafe where people would love to spend an hour or two at, over the weekend, or after work – an escape from the usual hectic life,” Jessica explains.

Now nestled among old school mom n’ pop stores in the central heartlands near Farrer Park MRT station, the clean, spacious café presence of Shiberty Bakes is designed to give visitors a “comfy homely vibe”.

“If we were located in a mall, it just wouldn’t be the same,” our proud new café owner declares.

Designing Her Café

Jessica kept the café’s interior design minimalist, leaving the raw concrete floor untouched, “slight cracks and all.”

Industrial Dining Set at Shiberty Bakes Cafe by FortyTwo

Modus Metal Dining Table ($179), Retro Metal Chair ($49)

She picked out crowd favourite industrial furniture from FortyTwo’s Stark collection and Scandinavian furniture pieces from the Chess collection in monochrome theme, complemented with neutral wooden and grey accents for an “effortlessly timeless look”.

“I absolutely enjoyed shopping for furniture on FortyTwo! I like how prices are kept affordable without compromising on quality. There’s a nice selection available online, complete with specifications and accurate pictures, so it was easy for me to conceptualise the interior despite never seeing the furniture in person before,” Jessica tells us.

Shiberty Bakes’ interior is a duet of two distinct furniture inspirations. Black Retro Metal Chairs pair beautifully with square Modus Metal Dining Tables, which Jessica chose in black for matching legs. Small tables also create a modular format, pairs of which can be split into individual tables for couples or combined into a long dining hall style seating for large parties.

Quad-clusters of Tulip Replica Designer Chairs surround Vincente Dining Tables to form a homely, Scandinavian dining setting for medium sized groups. Soft hues of white and grey sit serenely atop the legs’ raw wooden accents – exuding grace and quiet confidence.

Scandinavian Furniture For Cafe & Industrial Design Fortytwo

Vincente Dining Table (fr. $129), Tulip Designer Chair ($66.90)

As her café gradually took shape, it also became apparent that her initial theme of whites and greys would be far too plain, and Jessica had to exchange some furniture for darker colours and deeper wooden hues within the 7 Day Money Back guarantee period.

“The customer service at FortyTwo is great – I had requested to exchange some furniture and the process went through seamlessly.” she tells us.

Jessica now stands behind her counter, beaming happily at the fruit of her labour as she casts her gaze around Shiberty Bakes’ new home.

“I’ve had a couple of people ask where I got the furniture for my cafe from, and they’re always surprised to know how much I spent on furniture as they guessed the amount to be a lot more!” she exclaims happily.

“I can see myself purchasing from this website again and again!” Jessica finishes.

Shiberty Bakes is located at 46 Owen Road, #01-277 and is now open for business!

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