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Beds.sg Magazine was initially set up in June 2009 as a blog to provide content support for our main site Beds.sg.

Back then, we’d started out with beds and bedrooms as our key focus; content was limited to that related to beds and mattresses on top of feature updates on the storefront.

But business grew rapidly, so did our product range (to include furniture like sofas, coffee tables, dining sets, decor items, cabinets, wardrobes, appliances, hardware..) and naturally, so did our editorial focus.

We soon figured that as a company that has its customers interests as top priority, we should move away from selfish content and explore uncharted editorial territory that’s relevant and of crucial interest to you, the reader.

Beds.sg Magazine: Refreshed

So exactly a year after our first blog’s launch, we rebranded, reorganised and reinvented ourselves to become the Beds.sg Magazine that we are today.

Editorial focus has been sharpened and dissected into our fresh, cutting-edge beats of “Fresh Out Of Bed“, “Bedroom Talk“, “From House to Home“, “Less Is More” and “Exposé“.

Here at Beds.sg Magazine, you’ll find content that you just can’t do without. Everything from the leather that’s on your sofa, to wall installations in new HDB flats, to Singaporean housing policies and even dirty contractor renovation practices, we’ve got it all.

Oh, and we don’t have any advertisers’ interests to worry about; just yours.

You deserve the knowledge to empower your housing, renovation and furniture buying decisions, and we’re pulling out all the stops to give you just that.

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