Setting Up Your Kitchen – The Ultimate Guide For New Home Makers

The prospect of setting up a home is immensely appealing because you are finally able to buy things you have liked but your parents never allowed you to buy, and also keep them in the manner that appeals to you, since this is the first place that is truly your home. In sharp contrast is the daunting task of setting up the kitchen.

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The Secret to Mattress Shopping

I read an article 9 years ago, written by a guy named Seth Stevenson, who lives in the U.S. I came across this article again just a couple of days back and it striked me how similiar the mattress industry was like in the U.S. in the year 2000 as it is with Singapore now, in 2010.

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The Secret of Using Mirrors to Transform The Look Of Your Room

Mirrors are not merely functional tools used for checking appearances and seeing your own reflection.? ?They have for long been used effectively in enhancing the beauty and spaciousness of interiors.?

Mirrors? add to the brightness of the room,? ?bring in an illusion of depth,? ?reflect color and detract from dark and stained blemishes.

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Yes, we are. And more good news, we are also looking to add sofa sets, coffee tables, TV Consoles, study tables and display units to our collection by the end of January 2010. Currently, we have added 1 dining set (yes, just one) and 3 models of kitchen cabinets, and will be constantly adding more.

This move is our answer to the many feedbacks and suggestions by our customers. Yes, we heard you. Yes, we are working hard towards providing a wider range of good quality furnitures at the same low prices you expect at

So, here is a sneak preview of the dining set and one of the kitchen cabinets.

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Home Decor Myths and Reality

a lot of people get influenced by myths about home decor more than anything else. For instance, there is little truth in myths like rooms looking bigger when painted in lighter colors, traditional means old fashioned, small rooms must have small pieces, sofas must be placed against the wall, and the entire home must be completed in one go.

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The Ultimate Guide For Renting a Place In Singapore Part 9 of 9

The Process of Engaging a Realtor

There are thousands of real estate agents and brokers and it has emerged as a very lucrative business over the years. But a newcomer to the city of Singapore, or even a local, unfamiliar with the business of renting or purchasing property may find it difficult to get started.

While word of mouth, recommendations by friends and colleagues is often the best way to get a good realtor, many websites also offer sincere advice and genuine services to locals and expatriates alike.

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The Ultimate Guide For Renting a Place In Singapore Part 8 of 9

Part 8 of 9, Procedures For Renting Accomodation

Singapore has a large number of real estate agents and companies that make the house hunting process easy and stress free for locals and expatriates alike. They have a large number of employees, a vast database that contains homes and apartments of all sizes in every part of he city, and after gauging the client’s requirements and preferences, are able to shortlist a select few, which they feel the client will like. It is easy to follow the following steps and end with an apartment to rent.

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The Ultimate Guide For Renting a Place In Singapore Part 7 of 9

Part 7 of 9, Rental Levels and Prerequisites For Rental

There is a huge demand for rented accommodation since everyone does not own their homes. By and large most Singaporeans work towards purchasing a flat of their own, and if they stay in rented accommodation, it could be either while they are looking for a place to buy or the rent is being paid by employers. Expatriates end up living in rented apartments for years unless they have decided to settle in Singapore and never go back to their country.

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The Ultimate Guide For Renting a Place In Singapore Part 6 of 9

Part 6 of 9, The Districts of Singapore

Singapore has been divided into 28 districts and each district is a distinct entity. The following is a list of the areas and localities covered in each of the 28 districts:

DISTRICT-01 includes the city area and the Business District. Localities include, Boat Quay, Chinatown, Havelock Road, Marina Square, Raffles Place and Suntec City. Popular condominiums in this district include The Sail at Marina Boulevard, The Riverside Piazza, Emerald garden, The Azure, The Riverwalk, Marina Bay Residences, Riverside Point, The Platinum, and others.

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The Ultimate Guide For Renting a Place in Singapore Part 5 of 9

Part 5 of 9, Localities Preferred by Expatriates

The entire residential network of Singapore is well planned, neat and aesthetically appealing. Yet, certain areas are preferred by local Singaporeans and others are considered to be favorites of expatriates. The fact remains that every locality has an interesting mix of both locals and foreigners, most likely belonging to similar economic levels. Some of the areas where more foreigners are found include the following:

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