What is MDF?

MDF, Medium Density Fiber in full, should not be an unfamiliar name if you have bought furniture or had your house renovated recently. For those who have no idea what it is, this post is here to introduce this wonderful material.

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Improve your sleep with the correct pillow

Stiff neck? Change your pillow. Shoulder Pain? Change your pillow. With the wrong type of pillow, you would probably end up with severe stiff neck, giddiness and even headache.

To pick the right bed pillow, first, get to know how many types of pillows are there.

Then, base on your usual sleeping pattern, pick the ideal one and pain will soon become history.

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What You Need to Know About Bedsheets

Now, after getting your newly purchased mattress (hopefully from us), the next step is, to get the right sheets on. Bed sheets are like clothes that makes a girl pretty, and at the same time, most be comfy.

Nice luxurious sheets instantly beautify the bed and even the entire bed room! And what’s more? A good & comfortable bed sheet can make your sleep better.

So, just how many types of bed sheets are there?

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