A Comparison Between Memory Foam and Spring Mattress

The pursuit for good sleep that relaxes and refreshes the mind and body, leads to the hunt for the ideal mattress since that is the equipment for sleep. The perfect mattress should be able to ensure a full night of deep slumber from which one would wake up rejuvenated and invigorated.

But this type of sleep is elusive, and this triggers the debate about the best mattress. The more widely used varieties of mattresses include memory foam and inner spring with the former being soft and gentle, and the latter firm and harder.

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The Ultimate Mattress and Beds Glossary

We have been using mattresses of different types all your life, and seldom felt the need to know the meanings of terms used to describe mattresses and their properties. Mattress jargon and terms used to explain beds and their qualities, in advertisements and promotions, is baffling and it is incorrect to get taken in by the use of complex terms without knowing what they mean.

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Hard Mattress Good for Backache?

The Lancet Medical Journal published a report about a study conducted on a random sample of over 300 people in Spain who complained of back pain and the findings revealed that those who used medium-firm mattresses for a period of three months, recovered faster from back pain than those who stuck to firm ones. Thus the myth that firm mattresses help treat back pain gets debunked completely.

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The Top Five Mattress Myths

Mattresses nowadays comes in all sorts of names, brands, technology, specification, features, materials, combinations and “benefits”. It may seem that you are spoilt for choice when you go mattress shopping. But the truth is, (without listening to the salesman), if you can’t differentiate one mattress from the other, there probably is not much difference.

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Buying Bed Mattress, How Much Should We Spend?

The crucial issue is whether the features added with every passing day are needed for a product like a mattress. They are a lot of marketing gimmicks to make even a simple necessity like a mattress seem so complicated. Mattresses basically compose of an inner layer of coils or springs, foam or latex or even coir.

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Beds and Mattress Sale

Is Beds.sg having a Sale?

Wait… I will come to that later

Every day (especially weekends), when I open the newspaper, I come across huge advertisments splashed over the newspapers with big titles like “Giant Sale! Up to 80% off Beds and Mattress”. Then the advertisements are usually followed by some details like

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Avoid The Mattress Size Nightmare

Imagine this – After shopping for some time, you finally decided on a mattress that you like and that falls into your budget. You made a deposit and arranged to have it delivered to your house. When the mattress is arrived, you realized that the mattress doesn’t fit into your bedframe!

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Do not buy a second hand mattress!

Every now and then, I had enquires from customers on whether we sell second hand mattress. Initially I did not bother so much as there were only a handful of people who asked us the question. Then, it dawned unto me that there may be more people who are actually considering buying a 2nd hand mattress, and that thought caused a little shiver down my spine.

Here are 5 reason’s why you should never even think of purchasing a used mattress.

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Box Divan with Springs vs Box Divan without Springs

Obviously, the difference is that one comes with springs inside and the other, without springs. So that’s it, end of post. Uhm…. No wait….

I guess what you really want to know is whether you should buy a divan with springs or without springs? Which one is better? what’s the difference in comfort? What’s the price difference? What’s the benefit of divan with springs? Where can you buy them? Right?

Ok, i got it. Please read further…..

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