Jessica Loh of Shiberty Bakes & Furniture from FortyTwo for Cafes

FortyTwo X Shiberty Bakes

Shiberty Bakes’ interior is a duet of two distinct furniture inspirations. Black Retro Metal Chairs pair beautifully with square Modus Metal Dining Tables, which Jessica chose in black for matching legs. Quad-clusters of Tulip Replica Designer Chairs surround Vincente Dining Tables to form a homely, Scandinavian dining setting.

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Uncle Paul Gets A New Mattress

Gazing at you with a pair of the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen, 50-year old Thanabalam Rajagopal cuts a pitiful figure as the gaunt, tired-looking gentleman hunches over his walking frame in the dingy, dimly lit corridor outside his one-room flat. A deep tracheotomy scar is nestles in the folds of his weathered neck as he struggles to speak. His speech, though laboured, is at best slurred and hardly decipherable.

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6-Month Installment Plans Now Available on!

We’ve heard your requests for installment plans and have teamed up with HSBC to offer you the HSBC 6-month Interest-free Installment Plan! Under the HSBC 0% Instalment Payment Plan (IPP), an HSBC Credit Cardholders can choose to divide payments for their purchase (min S$500) into six equal, interest-free instalments to be paid monthly, starting from their next billing month.

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One Drink Too Many

After a long day of ceremonies, chatter and running back and forth, plenty of newly-weds just sign the bill at the end of the banquet without scrutinizing it in detail. Some hotels capitalize on this, especially if you don’t purchase packages that include a free flow of beer and wine.

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Anyone who’s had furniture delivered to them can testify to the huge pain it is; vague delivery timings, wrong orders and the annoying fact that delivery guys are always late. Well, this writer decided to take the plunge and get a first-hand experience of the daily life of our delivery guys, or our Warriors, as they’re often called in the office.

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Have you met Bob?

You’ve probably noticed him; a strange hybrid between a mattress and a lounge chair, sitting quietly among the new arrivals on our megastore. Just in case you haven’t, we’re very pleased to introduce you to the Lazy Bob – the newest, and also the most slothful member of the family.

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Contractor or Conman?

Local contractors often hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons. exposes some of the dirtiest, darkest secrets of Singapore’s building and engineering construction industry in this three-part series so you’ll be well informed and prepared for any tricks a contractor has up his sleeves.

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