Decorating Your Home Interiors On A Budget

Is it time to re-do the interiors of your home since everything is looking drab and old, but have limited resources? Or you have just bought a place and need to decorate interiors, with very little money left for it? In both cases, budgetary constraints are the primary issue, but do not despair, some great home decor ideas can take shape and beautify your home without costing too much. Good taste and style can come cheap too.

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Tips and Guidelines – Shopping For The Home

Do you often find yourself throwing foodstuff gone bad into the dust bin, and giving away unused things like cosmetics and clothes, to make place for more that enters the home with you? Think rationally about what this implies ….

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The Art of Living Part 2

Learn the art of living beautifully by starting with the home. The home is everyone’s den where people can relax and unwind, rest, refresh and recharge their energies so that they can face the big looming world outside all over again.

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The Ultimate Guide For Renting a Place in Singapore Part 5 of 9

Part 5 of 9, Localities Preferred by Expatriates

The entire residential network of Singapore is well planned, neat and aesthetically appealing. Yet, certain areas are preferred by local Singaporeans and others are considered to be favorites of expatriates. The fact remains that every locality has an interesting mix of both locals and foreigners, most likely belonging to similar economic levels. Some of the areas where more foreigners are found include the following:

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The Ultimate Guide For Renting a Place In Singapore Part 4 of 9

Part 4 of 9, The HDB Township

The HDB townships give insights into life in Singapore. With the idea of providing shelter to all so that there are no homeless in the city, HDB came up with the first township at Queenstown. Though this was constructed by Housing Development Board’s predecessor, namely the Singapore Improvement Trust, this was a pilot project designed to taste the success and public acceptance of this housing exercise. Built more with the need to provide a home to all, the accommodation offered was basic and frill-free.

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Maxcoil Hotel Mattress, Product Feature

When you miss the hotel bed, the best solution is to bring your hotel mattress home. Strange though it may sound, but you can actually buy a hotel mattress like the Maxcoil Hotel Mattress that will transform your sleeping comfort at home and make your bed at home as blissful to sleep in as the hotels you are accustomed to sleeping in.

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Mattress For Horse Racing Addicts

It has been a long time since I received a marketing email made me LOL. I categorize all marketing emails as spam unless I have dealt with the company before. I usually delete all unsolicitated marketing emails without reading. Yesterday, by chance I happen to read an marketing email from “Punters Way”, you know that little book that “ah peks” carry around especially during weekends around Kranji area.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Mattress Care

Mattress care is neither cumbersome nor time consuming. It can simply become part of the regular cleaning regimen followed at home. The initial phase makes it appear like an added headache, but soon it blends into the household routine. All that mattresses need to be able to last long and well are a few simple measures like:

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Second Mattress Given Under Free Mattress Program

We have given the away the second mattress under the Free Mattress Program. This time it is a Queen Size mattress given to a family staying in Bedok North. Once again, for those who were not selected, you can re-apply for next week’s mattress.

The following is the summarized story of this family….

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Beds and Mattress Sale

Is having a Sale?

Wait… I will come to that later

Every day (especially weekends), when I open the newspaper, I come across huge advertisments splashed over the newspapers with big titles like “Giant Sale! Up to 80% off Beds and Mattress”. Then the advertisements are usually followed by some details like

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