Furniture Delivery Mini-Guide

We’ve been providing delivery services for a few years now. Most of them go pretty smoothly and are completed quickly. However, as our catalogue expands, so does the size of some of our furniture pieces. In the recent months, we’ve been facing some issues with delivery of larger pieces of furniture.

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Water Better, Faster, Stronger

The Koreans have come up with Econojet; a series of water-saving shower heads for your bathroom. Harnessing pressure created by the existing water flow, a patented vacuum valve sucks air in from the surroundings and pumps it into the water flow, saving up to 40% of water during bath time and hundreds of dollars in utility bills over the years.

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You might’ve noticed a little something extra popping out on certain product pages and upon closer look, you’ll see that it’s yet another rating; the Quality Score. So what’s that all about?

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‘Monster’ House or Loss of ‘Face’?

Jalan Angin Laut was rife with strife earlier this year with the erection of a ‘Monster’ three-storey building that overshadowed most of the Simei estate. According to a The Sunday Times report, the house will include an attic, a swimming pool and over 10 rooms, with an attached bathroom each.

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Three of’s products were recently featured in local interior design-solutions magazine SquareRooms. Take a look at the spread by clicking on the links below! Do look out for our Anglo Faux Leather Bed, Alano Faux Leather Storage Bed and Alson Tall Wardrobe.

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Filling Out Their Home

Getting the keys to your new home is usually reason for celebration, but for single mother Punita Devi, the joy of finally getting a place of her own comes a sobering realisation. “We had been living on rental for the past year or so, and had no furniture to bring over to our new home,” she says.

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Types of Leather Explained

When it comes to house furnishings, you may want to consider investing in a leather couches or furniture. They look warm and inviting and serve as a classy addition to any home. But first of all, what is leather?

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One Drink Too Many

After a long day of ceremonies, chatter and running back and forth, plenty of newly-weds just sign the bill at the end of the banquet without scrutinizing it in detail. Some hotels capitalize on this, especially if you don’t purchase packages that include a free flow of beer and wine.

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Picking Out The Right Leather Furniture

Furniture complaints have hit a record high in recent years. One common problem is sub-standard furniture, which as Mr Wan Kut Lum, 56, found out, turned out to be a flaking leather sofa. “It was embarrassing because the coating peeled off and stuck to my visitors’ legs when they sat on it,” he is quoted as saying in an interview with The Straits Times.

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Induction Cooker: Making The Change

After decades of getting comfortable with your trusty gas stove, you’ll probably be hesitant to adopt the new technology of induction cooking. has done its research and found that induction cookers are indeed worthy of the recent hype they’ve been receiving.

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A Break From Chasing The Dream

Sepora’s tagline, “Dream Within A Dream” is a reflection of the young, local sleepcare start-up’s vision of creating mattresses catered to those in pursuit of the infamous Singaporean Dream: Car, Card, Cash and Condominium, only to forgo the dreams that come with sound, restful sleep every night.

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Are You Sure You’re Insured?

Motor Insurance; apart from mulling over our most worthwhile options within the saturated local insurance market, we don’t put much thought into it. So as long as if you’ve your CI in hand, you can assume that he has you’ve all the accident coverage you need, right? Wrong.

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