Lifting The Hearts Of Boon Lay’s Elderly

Despite the harsh rays of the merciless afternoon sun beating down on his greyed head, 76-year-old Mr Lee Liang Soon slips on a pair of well-worn sneakers and shuffles around the Boon Lay area with his trusty old cart, sifting through rubbish bins in search of empty drink cans to sell.

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Add Dimension To Your Walls

It’s about time you decorated those bland, boring walls. Spice up your walls with a little oranje influence in the form of 3DWalldecor; your painless and classy solution to upping the ‘chic’ quotient of your home.

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“The TDC isn’t exactly a showroom. It’s primarily a studio for our product photoshoots, with a short walkthrough of some sample furniture pieces and a cosy chill-out area with some surfing stations,” says CEO Naveed Lee. So essentially, your visit to the TDC is like online shopping, except that it’s done in a physical store.

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Water Heaters: Gas or Electrical?

When Mdm. Phua installed a centralized gas heater in her bathroom after being made to believe that it was cheaper, she didn’t expect to be hit with added daily inconveniences. We decided to investigate; weighing the Pros and Cons of Gas Vs Electrical.

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Yes, it’s that time of the year again. With the Lunar New Year drawing nearer, there’s only so much you can do for some last minute sprucing up of your home. Hence, we’ve done up a furniture guide for various scenarios that you may encounter, so decorating your home will be a breeze this Chinese New Year.

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Caring For Mattresses: Protecting Mattress Structure

Knowing the different types of mattresses not only makes mattress care easier; it also equips you with the necessary facts that prepare you to make an educated decision on getting a mattress that’s suited to your needs and preferences.

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“For most Friday nights, we’ve to go back to the warehouse to load the stuff for Saturday’s deliveries,” Aliff tells me. “But not this Friday. This Friday night, we’re going home to prepare!” interjects Musa happily, referring to the fishing trip he’s planned with the guys for the Christmas weekend.

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Anyone who’s had furniture delivered to them can testify to the huge pain it is; vague delivery timings, wrong orders and the annoying fact that delivery guys are always late. Well, this writer decided to take the plunge and get a first-hand experience of the daily life of our delivery guys, or our Warriors, as they’re often called in the office.

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Have you met Bob?

You’ve probably noticed him; a strange hybrid between a mattress and a lounge chair, sitting quietly among the new arrivals on our megastore. Just in case you haven’t, we’re very pleased to introduce you to the Lazy Bob – the newest, and also the most slothful member of the family.

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We Have A Room Planner Winner!

The seemingly mundane chore of coming up with a house plan turned into so much more for Ms Zhang Li when she won the coveted Adora 5-piece Bedroom Set in the Room Planner Contest in August.

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Your Crash Course On Teak Furniture

When it comes to teak furniture, it isn’t purely the solid Lamiaceae hardwood that sets it apart from the mass-produced crowd; it’s the traditional design and intricate hand-crafting process which makes each piece iconic. The beauty of teak is that every piece of teak furniture has its own persona, a unique character and an unpredictable nature.

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Caring For Mattresses: Odours

The stench that’s keeping you awake at night could be caused by urine, mould, chemicals or even perspiration festering in your mattress. To make matters worse, Singapore is practically heaven for mould and bacteria with our high levels of humidity and warm, sweaty climate, which also means that your bed is the perfect breeding ground for these microorganisms to thrive in.

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