On The Straits Times!

We were recently featured in our local daily The Straits Times! In case you missed it, here’s the full story and the quote by our CEO, Naveed. “Our reputation is what brings people to check us out” – Naveed Lee, CEO

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You might’ve noticed a little something extra popping out on certain product pages and upon closer look, you’ll see that it’s yet another rating; the Quality Score. So what’s that all about?

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“For most Friday nights, we’ve to go back to the warehouse to load the stuff for Saturday’s deliveries,” Aliff tells me. “But not this Friday. This Friday night, we’re going home to prepare!” interjects Musa happily, referring to the fishing trip he’s planned with the guys for the Christmas weekend.

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Bedbugs In Used Mattress Donation

When this needy family received a second-hand Queen-size bed frame and mattress donation, they thought they’d been given the kind gift of a good night’s rest. But the mattress was infested with bedbugs that left painful bites on her daughters’ every night.

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The Ice Is Broken

You’ve probably had some of them trudge into your home all panting and sweaty, been chatting secretly online with some others while at work and pored over stories written by the rest of them. Now you can get to know the people who make so fabulously sexy on the new About Us page!

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User Interactivity has always been one of our biggest plus points at and we’ve made it even better with our spankingly new Online Forum! You’ll find all that you need, right there in the threads. Need a fishing kaki? You’ll probably find one raving about his recent kelong trip under the “Hobbies” section.

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Yes, we are. And more good news, we are also looking to add sofa sets, coffee tables, TV Consoles, study tables and display units to our collection by the end of January 2010. Currently, we have added 1 dining set (yes, just one) and 3 models of kitchen cabinets, and will be constantly adding more.

This move is our answer to the many feedbacks and suggestions by our customers. Yes, we heard you. Yes, we are working hard towards providing a wider range of good quality furnitures at the same low prices you expect at

So, here is a sneak preview of the dining set and one of the kitchen cabinets.

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Box Divan with Springs vs Box Divan without Springs

Obviously, the difference is that one comes with springs inside and the other, without springs. So that’s it, end of post. Uhm…. No wait….

I guess what you really want to know is whether you should buy a divan with springs or without springs? Which one is better? what’s the difference in comfort? What’s the price difference? What’s the benefit of divan with springs? Where can you buy them? Right?

Ok, i got it. Please read further…..

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