Using Feng Shui Principles For Bed Positioning

Feng Shui is a traditional Chinese science that seeks to bring harmony in an environment by regulating the flow of life energy within the domain. Using the concepts of time and location it helps in realigning the personal effects in a manner that good health and prosperity ensue.

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Leather Divan, Bedframe Product Feature

Opulent or elaborately carved beds are passé, simple straight lined beds are in. The simple Divan style Bed Frame fits into the latter category, which with its understated elegance fits into any décor anywhere and yet looks good. It is a solid bed frame that provides a firm base for any type of mattress, and has more than adequate support provided by the six rubber based legs that prevent scratches on wooden floors and becomes easy to move. It is durable beyond question and has synthetic leather covered sides in shades of beige, brown, black, dark blue and red.

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The Starlet Queen Size Bed Frame | Product Feature

The Starlet Queen Size Bed Frame is the perfect bed to have in the bedroom. The contemporary low platform style divan base with a synthetic leather-covered, high-density foam cushioned headboard stands out with its simplistic elegance, while the solid wood base provides enhanced support and comfort irrespective of the type of mattress selected to be placed on top. The divan has been uniquely designed into two pieces with six, two-inch stoppers providing firm support.

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Do not buy a second hand mattress!

Every now and then, I had enquires from customers on whether we sell second hand mattress. Initially I did not bother so much as there were only a handful of people who asked us the question. Then, it dawned unto me that there may be more people who are actually considering buying a 2nd hand mattress, and that thought caused a little shiver down my spine.

Here are 5 reason’s why you should never even think of purchasing a used mattress.

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Box Divan with Springs vs Box Divan without Springs

Obviously, the difference is that one comes with springs inside and the other, without springs. So that’s it, end of post. Uhm…. No wait….

I guess what you really want to know is whether you should buy a divan with springs or without springs? Which one is better? what’s the difference in comfort? What’s the price difference? What’s the benefit of divan with springs? Where can you buy them? Right?

Ok, i got it. Please read further…..

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