Uncle Paul Gets A New Mattress

Gazing at you with a pair of the saddest eyes you’ve ever seen, 50-year old Thanabalam Rajagopal cuts a pitiful figure as the gaunt, tired-looking gentleman hunches over his walking frame in the dingy, dimly lit corridor outside his one-room flat. A deep tracheotomy scar is nestles in the folds of his weathered neck as he struggles to speak. His speech, though laboured, is at best slurred and hardly decipherable.

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Filling Out Their Home

Getting the keys to your new home is usually reason for celebration, but for single mother Punita Devi, the joy of finally getting a place of her own comes a sobering realisation. “We had been living on rental for the past year or so, and had no furniture to bring over to our new home,” she says.

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A Rare, Brand New Gift

Families appreciate the free mattress all the more because it’s brand new and not just an old, used donation. Indeed, Hamdan and his family treasure this mattress so much that they have yet to remove the plastic wrapping that it came in.

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Bedbugs In Used Mattress Donation

When this needy family received a second-hand Queen-size bed frame and mattress donation, they thought they’d been given the kind gift of a good night’s rest. But the mattress was infested with bedbugs that left painful bites on her daughters’ every night.

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5th Mattress Given Under Free Mattress Program

Below is the story of this week’s applicant :

i just came out of prison on 29 July 2009 after serving 3 year 5 months jail term for drug related offences.I am 25 yrs old and just got employed as an admin.I have changed since then and have become a christian.

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3rd Mattress Given Under Free Mattress Program

We have just given away the 3rd mattress under Beds.sg Free Mattress program which was launched 3 weeks ago.

If you are not sure what this program is about, you could read this post Free Mattress Program, The Story Behind. In short, we give away 1 mattress every week to the less fortunate or less privileged in Singapore.

Below is the story of the successful applicant this week. In her own words….

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