Sleep Apnea Causes 300 Deaths Yearly in Singapore

In Singapore, an average of 300 people die per year from sudden death in their sleep. This startling statistic was published in the Sunday Times. The likely cause, Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), which leads to heart attacks, high blood pressure, heart failure, strokes and even sudden death during sleep.

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Did You Know That The Way You Sleep Tells Alot About Your Personality?

From the confident, purposeful stride to the timid entry of an individual, every action of his provides an inkling about his personality. The way he sits and stands, talks and eats are all a manifestation of his inner traits. People give themselves away by specific behavioral traits. Hence, many companies while recruiting staff rope in a psychologist to get some clues about the candidate’s personality. Personality is reflected not merely in waking activities, and extensive studies by psychologists and sleep specialists reveal that the sleeping position of an individual also provides insights into his personality and health.

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5 Facts you should know about sleep and fitness

Sleep affects our health. This is a fact that we all know.

Lack of sleep will affect our concentration, resulting in mistakes in work. And also cause a hazard if we travel on the road frequently.

You can stay fit and healthy by exercising and keeping a proper diet. But, do you know that lack of sleep will ruin our fitness plan and deem all our hard work in exercising futile?

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Do not buy a second hand mattress!

Every now and then, I had enquires from customers on whether we sell second hand mattress. Initially I did not bother so much as there were only a handful of people who asked us the question. Then, it dawned unto me that there may be more people who are actually considering buying a 2nd hand mattress, and that thought caused a little shiver down my spine.

Here are 5 reason’s why you should never even think of purchasing a used mattress.

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Improve your sleep with the correct pillow

Stiff neck? Change your pillow. Shoulder Pain? Change your pillow. With the wrong type of pillow, you would probably end up with severe stiff neck, giddiness and even headache.

To pick the right bed pillow, first, get to know how many types of pillows are there.

Then, base on your usual sleeping pattern, pick the ideal one and pain will soon become history.

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