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  • 15 Years warranty
    Sepora Volare Memory Foam Pillowtop Mattress (Queen Sized)

    Top-of-the-line memory foam fills the generous 4.5cm thick, velour-quilted mattress topper (Firmness 3/10), which is laid across an ultra-firm bed of high-quality, individually pocketed springs (Firmness 8/10).

    This ultimate combination of snug comfort, body-hugging support and total movement isolation will warrant you excellent, undisturbed rest night after night.

    About Memory Foam
    Originally created to cushion high-impact landings, NASA-invented memory foam conforms and firms up around your sleeping form, giving you the best, most even sleep support that money can buy.

    It also relaxes your body muscles, relieves body aches and hence reduces the tossing and turning during those sleepless nights.

    Mattress Dimensions: 152cm X 190 cm X 23 cm

    - Opulent Velour Fabric
    - High Density Memory Foam Pillowtop
    - Individually-wrapped High Quality Pocketed Springs
    - Anti-Dustmite
    - Anti-Fungal
    - Anti-Bacteria
    - 15 Year Warranty


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  • 15 Years warranty
    Sepora Volare Memory Foam Pillowtop Mattress - King Size


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