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    SleepMed Memory Foam Mattress (King in 7 inch)


    Why sleep like a regular person, when you can sleep like a king?
    With SleepMed's Memory Foam Mattress, this hit favourite reminds us how it got its title with its open cell, temperature-sensitive, full Visco Elastic Memory Foam
    Superior comfort, and long-lasting support come together for unparalleled, restful slumber.
    NASA invented, the Memory Foam has the ability to relax you, and relieve your body aches as well!
    Fitted with a super-soft and stretchable fabric that is the perfect wrap for such a perfect rest-pad, you'll definitely get an out-of-this world, well-deserved dose of shut-eye with this galactic baby


    2 inch thick Memory Foam Top Layer
    5 inch thick Polyurethane Foam Support Body
    Soft Stretchable Knitted Fabric
    Available for King Size only


    Length: 191cm
    Width: 184cm
    Mattress thickness is 7 inch


    Mattress is compressed when shipped. Please allow 24 hours for mattress to bounce back to its original size.


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