Rommey Computer Table V
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Rommey Computer Table V

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  • propose improvements

    the corners of the woody parts are rather sharp. If they were smoothened, it would be quite perfect. Also the dark color makes it difficult to spot ants and insects on it; if the color was lighter it will make it quite perfect. The castors also tend to auto-lock when we move the desk so the castors quality can be improved on. Thank you.

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  • Rommey Computer Table V

    The table was delivered on time with no defects or scratches. The wheels swivel well and do not lock up. It is extremely portable and you can move the table around very easily. I was surprised by the quality of the table and shelves. They have a matte finish and feel scratch resistant. No problems with the keyboard tray either. It's a good option for small compact spaces.

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  • Easy use

    It’s very cheap and yet practical fits my room perfectly

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  • Good


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  • Great, simple, space saving design!

    Loving this design, light and steady, comes with rollers and I can move in the house for sharing.

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  • Cheap and good

    This is one of the cheapest computer table in the market, but yet it is sturdy and serves the purpose. Caster wheels enable me to push my computer around the house. I can work in the study or connect the computer to the TV and watch movies in the living room.

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  • Reliable

    Simple and up to my expectation...

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  • perfect table for me

    I am looking for a table which is less than 61cm, finally find it at FortyTwo, its abit high for the table and I have to raised up to maximum for my chair, its non adjustable for the table height.

    The good thing about this is the small size table and the 2 shelves below it for keyboard and other stuffs.

    The bad thing is the delivery, I saw the delivery man push the new table and my new chair to me without using a trolly which means the wheel of my new table and chair is dirty thru the dragging from void deck to my place.

    I guess FortyTWO need to seriously consider using a trolly for the new product we purchase. I didnt return the item but accept it but have to clean the wheel with a wet table since its really dirty.

    But I must highlighted that the delivery man is very friendly thg.

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  • Very space efficient design

    Love the computer table so much. Been hunting around for such a small table but a functional one. It really fit in a bedroom area . It is so compact and really space efficient.

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