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  • 1-Year warranty
    tootsie BeanBag Jet Black by doob

    Sure, you have a doob. You’re comfy, your butt is getting what it deserves. But what about your feet? Don’t neglect them!

    The tootsie ottoman is doob’s latest offering, after much experimenting and cross-breeding of toonacans, toonies, and a plop. Combined with a doob bean bag, you can be sure that your entire body will be quivering with pleasure.

    But that’s not all! The tootsie magically transforms into a stool, for when you have visitors (those pesky visitors) and not enough chairs. Do what you have to do, perform your hosting obligations, politely see them out and quickly get your footstool back.

    Fabric Material:Polyester with PVC undercoat
    (water-resistant; wipe with wet cloth; hand-wash)
    Cotton inner lining

    (0.48m diameter, 0.48m height ; 100L)


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 48, Height (cm): 48
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  • 1-Year warranty
    Soopadoopa Beanbag Black by doob

    Now, enter the soopadoopa.

    The soopadoopa, like every self-respecting superhero, has a tough (synthetic leather) exterior and is all soft and cuddly on the inside. It resists spills even under exposure to kryptonite, and can be cleaned with just a wipe. When not saving the world, the soopadoopa is at the home or office, saving your butt; its soopapowers and disarming friendliness make it a great companion for kids and adults alike.

    The soopadoopa comes in four different soopahero colours, which also happen to look nice with other furniture.

    *Disclaimer: While the soopadoopa will save the world from the clutches of evil, it is advised that you continue to lock your door before leaving the house.

    -Medium (1.4 by 1.1m* ; 1.4 by 0.8m** ; 300L)
    -Large (1.6 by 1.1m* ; 1.6 by 0.95m** ; 350L)


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

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  • 1-Year warranty
    Plop BeanBag Jet Black By doob

    There's no way you can go wrong with the doob® plop! With the classic teardrop shape, getting in and out of a plop is a piece of cake. The plop is in addition made of durable polyester and coated on the underside with water-resistant PVC for that extra assurance whenever your butterfingered visitor is teetering near with a dish that uses delicious spicy gravy. The plop comes in three sizes and each plop comes with an inner lining and a removable outer cover.

    The Plop comes in three sizes (Large | Medium | Small) and each Plop comes with an inner lining and a removable outer cover.

    - Small (0.65 by 0.65m ; 260L)
    - Medium (0.8 by 0.8m ; 350L)
    - Large (0.95 by 0.95m ; 490L)


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

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