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  • tootsie BeanBag Jet Black by doob

    Sure, you have a doob. You’re comfy, your butt is getting what it deserves. But what about your feet? Don’t neglect them!

    The tootsie ottoman is doob’s latest offering, after much experimenting and cross-breeding of toonacans, toonies, and a plop. Combined with a doob bean bag, you can be sure that your entire body will be quivering with pleasure.

    But that’s not all! The tootsie magically transforms into a stool, for when you have visitors (those pesky visitors) and not enough chairs. Do what you have to do, perform your hosting obligations, politely see them out and quickly get your footstool back.

    Fabric Material:Polyester with PVC undercoat
    (water-resistant; wipe with wet cloth; hand-wash)
    Cotton inner lining

    (0.48m diameter, 0.48m height ; 100L)


    Deliver in 6 Available Working Days

    Width (cm): 48, Height (cm): 48
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