Terms & Conditions of Order & Purchase

Delivery Charges

Free delivery on qualifying orders is only applicable to purchases that are made in a single invoice, to a single address in one trip, unless otherwise stated.

In the event that a single order has to be split into various delivery dates/locations/timings due to special requests and/or selection of delivery dates within the stated delivery lead-time period, additional logistics charges will apply at the discretion of FortyTwo Pte. Ltd., or at the discretion of any of our affiliated sellers and fulfilment agents that will be delivering your order.

There are no installation charges, unless otherwise stated.

Free delivery on qualifying orders is only applicable within Singapore mainland. Additional delivery charges may be incurred at the discretion of FortyTwo Pte Ltd should the deliveries be chosen to occur outside of our normal operating hours. An additional surcharge on top of the delivery charges already incurred will be applicable for deliveries to selected locations. For the list of locations and its applicable surcharges, please see here.

For deliveries after 7pm, a surcharge of S$30 will be applied.

In the event that the goods cannot be delivered on your preferred delivery date and/or time-slot due to reasons such as lack of stock from suppliers or scheduling difficulties, you will be notified the soonest possible. FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to amend the delivery timings or to substitute the original item to a similar product of higher or equal value should such circumstances arise.

To qualify for free delivery, your delivery location must be accessible via elevator (i.e. on the same storey as lift landing) or must be on the same floor as the goods loading/unloading area. If the delivery crew is unable to deliver the furniture to your location via the elevator at the point of delivery (eg. Furniture is unable to fit into elevator, elevator unserviceable upon delivery crew's arrival, refusal of elevator access by building management etc) we will assess (at our own discretion) the feasibility of the furniture being carried up via the staircase in a non-hazardous manner. If the process is deemed hazardous and the delivery is deemed unfeasible, (e.g furniture or infrastructure prone to damage on narrow stairway, obstruction of passageway), FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the delivery. Upon cancellation, a refund of any of your prior payments for that delivery will be made by cheque or bank transfer within two weeks from the initial delivery date.

Should delivery via staircase be deemed safe, additional charges per item will be as follow: First non lift-accessible storey free of charge (e.g. staircase delivery from ground floor to level two is free) + S$10 per item transported to a subsequent non lift-accessible storey (i.e. staircase delivery of a wardrobe and a kettle to the 4th non-lift accessible storey (e.g. Level 5 of a shophouse etc) will cost an additional S$60 [(1 X 2 X S$0) + (3 X 2 X S$10) = S$60].


Delivery Dates and Timing

The delivery time frame that you select online is only tentative. You will be informed of the estimated delivery time frame the day before the scheduled delivery if we are unable to keep to your preferred time frame. Should you not receive any phone calls from us, it will be deemed that your delivery is scheduled to happen within your preferred time frame.You will be contacted again an hour before delivery by the delivery team to confirm your presence at the delivery location and to notify you of our impending arrival.

It is required for customers to be present during the stipulated delivery time to avoid holding up the delivery team from their deliveries to other customers. We seek your understanding when it comes to delivery timings.

FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to change the delivery date and time should any unforeseen circumstances arise in the midst of delivery. While we endeavour to adhere to scheduled delivery timings and warrant to act within our means to notify you the soonest possible of any delays or difficulties, you acknowledge that you will, at no point in time, hold FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. liable for any inconvenience, losses, damages, injury, charges, expenses and/or deaths that may arise from any delayed, postponed, incomplete or unfulfilled deliveries, to the extent permitted by Law.


Free Disposal Of Old Mattress

Free disposal of your old mattress is available with the purchase of any mattress. This service is only available if you have selected the option on the online order form. The delivery team will not be able to dispose off the old mattress due to scheduling constraints if prior arrangements have not been made. We do not dispose of other forms of furniture, as we do not have the resources to break down and dispose old furniture in the authorised locations as specified by local authorities. FortyTwo Pte Ltd advises you to contact your town council for free furniture disposal service (HDB or landed estates), or your condominium/office building's building management. FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to refuse disposal of any old mattresses at its full discretion.

FortyTwo Pte Ltd reserves the right to refuse any disposal of old mattresses which are infested (or display signs of infestation) by bed-bugs.


Delivery Of Multiple Items

If you have ordered more than one item, you may receive the items separately, and at different delivery times, though in most cases, we will arrange for all the items to be delivered in one truck. Should the items be delivered separately, you will be informed in advance.


Clearance Items/1 SET OFFER/AS-IS

There will be strictly no returns, refunds, exchanges or warranties for items which are under clearance, '1 SET OFFER' or AS-IS, unless otherwise stated. The product descriptions of clearance items and '1 SET OFFER's will clearly state their defects (if any).


Changing of Delivery Dates

Changes in delivery date should be made via email to [email protected] at least 48 hours before the stipulated delivery timing. Please provide your order invoice number, which can be found in the confirmation email sent to you.


Changing of Items

Any changes to items in the order should be done via email to [email protected] at least 48 hours before delivery. Please provide your order invoice number that can be found in the confirmation email sent to you. Orders of customised items cannot be changed once they are confirmed.


Order Cancellation

Cancellation of order should be done via email to [email protected] at least 48 hours before delivery. Please provide your order invoice number that can be found in the confirmation email sent to you. Cancellation is not allowed for customised items after confirmation of order.


Damage Policy

We advise our customers to inspect the furniture carefully for damages before making payment. Though rare, there is a possibility of manufacturing defects or even furniture being damaged during transportation. Should you detect any damage or defect e.g knocks, dent or cracks, inform us immediately at 6777 7667 or email to [email protected]. You have the right to reject the merchandise upon delivery at no cost, except for clearance/1 SET OFFER/AS-IS products.

In rare cases where the merchandise displays minor scratches and dents, the merchandise will be touched up, repaired or replaced at the discretion of FortyTwo Pte Ltd.

You also have the right to reject the merchandise immediately if the piece delivered is different from that depicted in the product description or picture you saw online.

FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to void the warranty of a merchandise within its warranty period should the product be found to have been subjected to adverse conditions, not exclusively or limited to conditions such as bad weather, abuse, or placement of the merchandise in publicly accessible locations that causes the merchandise to be subjected to damage, intentional or otherwise.


Limitation of Liability

FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. shall not be liable for any loss of income, loss of profits, loss of contracts, loss of data or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind howsoever arising and excludes any liability from us for any personal injury or death caused by our negligence, to the extent permitted by Law.


Return and Refund Policy

All products qualify for a return except for the following:

  • Customised products
  • Clearance/1 SET OFFER/AS-IS products
  • Products that require on-site assembly
  • Modular Wardrobes
  • Bedroom sets
  • Products that are not in new and unopened condition
  • Products that have been removed from their original packaging, used, stained, torn, washed, discoloured, dented, damaged and/or with traces of fragrance or odours

Request for returns should be made to us within one hundred (100) days from the delivery date for a full refund. The full refund amount will exclude any delivery, assembly, delivery timing, delivery location and/or staircase delivery fees paid when the original order was made.

FortyTwo Pte. Ltd may charge you for additional fees during the return trip. The charges are as follow:

1. Staircase delivery charges (as published on our website) should your premises be inaccessible via the lift.

2. Delivery location surcharge; For returns of products to selected locations, delivery surcharges that were charged to these selected locations will not be refunded. If the returns are to be done in surchargeable locations, the surcharge will be charged again for the returns.

3. Delivery timing surcharge; For deliveries after 7pm, a surcharge of S$30 applies.

Merchandise should be unused, undamaged, in a resalable condition and with its original packaging fully intact. FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. has the full discretion to decide whether any item is in a condition suitable for return and reserves the right to reject any returns if they are deemed unfit for return.

All electrical appliances must be in new, unused, undamaged, resalable condition with all documents, original tags, warranty cards, and in its original packaging to be eligible for a return.

FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. will allocate the date and time of return. The date and time for the return pickup are subject to availability of our logistic resources. The availability of logistics resources is the determining factor for the date and time allocated by FortyTwo Pte. Ltd for the return trip. FortyTwo Pte. Ltd will not entertain any requests for returns made directly at our warehouse unless prior arrangements have been made with FortyTwo Pte. Ltd.

Returns are free for local orders only and are not applicable to products exported out of Singapore mainland.

All refunds for orders paid for via cash on delivery will be made in the form of bank transfer by FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. Customers who have paid via credit card/Instalment Payment Plan methods will be refunded via the original mode of payment. Refunds for payments made via cash on delivery or credit card will be made within seven (7) working days.

Refund of payments made via the UOB 0% Interest-Free Online Instalment Payment Plan (IPP) and DBS/POSB 0% Interest-Free Online IPP are subjected to approval from UOB and DBS Bank respectively. No refunds in cash or cheque will be issued by FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. on orders paid via the IPPs. Refunds for payments made via IPP will be issued within fourteen (14) working days.

Refund of payments made via PayPal will be in accordance to PayPal’s mode of refund. For more information, click here.


Exchange Policy

Any requests for exchange would be regarded as return. The products that you wish to exchange can be returned and the price of the product will be refunded to you. Thereafter, you can place a separate order for the product you wish to exchange to.

For the return and refund of the product you wish to exchange to, our Return and Refund Policy applies.

For more details about our Return and Refund policy, click here.


What is your Right to Reject policy?

All qualifying purchases you make on FortyTwo are protected by our "Right to Reject" policy; meaning, when products are delivered to you, you are entitled to reject any products during delivery that are not up to your expectations, without incurring restocking or delivery charges.

This service is available exclusively for deliveries made by FortyTwo only. You may reject items without charge at the point of delivery. Thereafter, if you decide to return your products after the delivery team has left, it will be regarded as a return/refund product.

For more details about our Return and Refund policy, click here.


Lowest Price Matching

We will match the price of the product a customer has purchased within the past 14 days of price matching request, based on the following conditions:

  • The product which the customer is requesting a price match is exactly identical to that found on a rival retailers' storefront
  • Product model numbers (if any) are exactly identical
  • Both our product and the rival retailer's product have exactly the same specifications
  • Sufficient evidence is provided by the customer to suggest that the same product can indeed be purchased from the rival retailer at the point of time of request (FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to determine the sufficiency of evidence provided)
  • The price is set by a rival storefront that is located on mainland Singapore
  • The rival retailer's product must not be parallel imported from another country that is not authorised by the manufacturer for sale in the Singapore market
  • The rival price includes all the necessary taxes (including GST, if applicable) as dictated by Singapore Law

The process of requesting for a price match must be as follows:

  • FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. receives an email (sent to [email protected]) from the customer within 14 days from point of purchase providing evidence of such a disparity in pricing (through use of original advertisements, official paper quotations or active web links to e-commerce sites)
  • Customer has already purchased product from FortyTwo Pte. Ltd.
  • The customer should provide sufficient evidence to identify himself as either the person who placed the order, the person billed for purchase and/or the person who was the intended recipient of the purchased product
  • FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. may investigate the request by means of contacting the rival retailer and/or visiting the storefront in question and reserves the right to full discretion on deciding the legitimacy of the request. FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. also reserves the right to reject any request at its full discretion.

Upon confirming the legitimacy of Lowest Price Matching request, FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. will do the following:

  • Amend the listed price of the product to match the competitor's price
  • If product has been purchased within 14 days prior to the request, FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. will refund the full difference between the two prices to the customer who was billed for the original product
  • The Lowest Price Matching is only applicable to products found on this website (excluding all external Vendor items). We do not provide Lowest Price Matching for services and repairs.
  • The following price situations by competitor retailers do not qualify for Lowest Price Matching considerations: free gift promotions, special offers with financing plans, limited time offers, corporate prices, staff discounts, trade show prices, erroneous pricing, items out of stock at time of enquiry, items advertised to be of limited quantity, clearance items, factory outlet prices, refurbished/used items, mail-in offer prices, prices exclusive to membership programmes.


Proof of Purchase

Upon successful placement of order, an order acknowledgment containing the invoice will be sent to the email address that you have provided in the online order form. We advise you to keep the email or print the invoice, as these can be used as your proof of purchase. You will also receive a hard copy of the invoice upon delivery and will be required to endorse on the invoice after merchandise has been received in good condition.

The endorsement made on the invoice if an item has been received in good condition constitutes your acknowledgement that the item received is free from any defects or is in a condition accepted by you at the point of delivery.




Our mattresses may come with warranties of up to 20 years. Different mattress models have different warranty periods and these warranties are provided directly by the manufacturer. Warranty cards and/or relevant warranty details can be found packed together with the mattress. Mattress manufacturers' warranties differ between manufacturers, but in general, cover internal spring unit from defects such as serious sagging which are not due to normal wear and tear, broken springs and collapsed springs. Please read and follow the instructions on the warranty card (wrapped in plastic cover with mattress) carefully for the warranty to be effective. We advise you to fill up and submit your warranty application immediately after purchase for your warranty to be effective.


Our furniture comes with 6 months warranty on manufacturing defects (not including wear and tear or misuse), unless otherwise stated. If you detect any manufacturing defects or damages which are not due to misuse or wear and tear, take a picture of the problem and send it to [email protected] with a brief explanation of the problem, including the order invoice number that can be found in the confirmation email sent to you, and date of purchase. We will contact you and arrange for our service team to assess the situation. In most cases, repairs will be done. If it is deemed beyond repair by the service team, we will exchange the product for a identical one, or similar one of equal or greater price, depending on availability. FortyTwo Pte Ltd reserves the right to make the final decision on whether to repair or exchange the product, as well as the replacement product, should an exchange be decided on.

Electrical Appliances

Warranties (if any) for all electrical appliances sold on FortyTwo are provided directly by their respective manufacturers and are stated clearly in product descriptions. Warranty cards and/or relevant warranty details (if any) can be found packed together with the appliance and should be submitted immediately upon purchase.

Warranty claims must be taken up directly with the Electrical Appliance product's manufacturer after FortyTwo Pte. Ltd’s ‘Faulty Exchange Window’ of 7 days.

Within the faulty exchange window of 7 days, FortyTwo will not take in any electrical appliance for exchange, servicing or refund if the electrical appliance is found to be used/greased/stained and is not in its original packaging.

All other items

The following items are not covered by warranty: pillows, bolsters, mattress protectors, mini sofa beds, foam mattresses (under the bedding accessories category), and all clearance/1 SET OFFER/AS-IS items.

Warranties do not cover wrongly assembled products that are assembled by the customer.

Warranties are covered for local orders only and are not applicable to products exported out of Singapore mainland.


Payment Methods

FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. has ceased accepting payment via cheque with effect from 22 February 2017.

Payment for all items sold on the FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. website can be made via cash upon delivery/self-collection, online with a credit/debit card via a third-party payment gateway or online via UOB and DBS/POSB 0% Interest Free Online Instalment Payment Plans (IPP). The respective minimum qualifying expenditure for UOB and DBS/POSB 0% Interest Free Online IPPs apply.

If the payment option of "Cash Upon Delivery/Self-collection" is selected, full payment by cash upon delivery will be required. Payment terms are in Singapore Dollars (SGD$) only. No foreign currencies will be accepted.

If payment by cash is not received in full upon delivery, FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to remove all delivered items back to its warehouse. Strictly no changes of payment methods upon delivery will be entertained.

Payment via the IPP constitutes your acceptance that you have entered into a payment agreement with the respective issuing bank, on an interest-free loan furnished by said bank. FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. accepts no responsibility over the approval, denial or any outcomes whatsoever pertaining to the refund requests made by you to UOB and/or DBS/POSB Bank for orders paid via the IPP.


FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. Website Terms & Conditions of Use

Your access to and use of FortyTwo Pte. Ltd.'s Website and the products and services (hereby collectively known as “Services”) available through this Website are subject to the following terms and conditions. By using our Services, you agree to all of the Terms and Conditions of Use, as may be updated by us without prior notice. FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. reserves to amend the Terms and Conditions of Use at its own discretion.

FortyTwo Pte. Ltd. advises you to check this page regularly to take note of any changes we may have made to the Terms and Conditions of Use.


Website Access

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