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  • 10 Years warranty
    Haylee Mattress

    Our research team at Haylee studied Singapore's Mattress Market for 10 years, observing over 560,000 mattress viewings by 54,000 mattress buyers, collecting feedback from over 33,000 mattress owners. We have tested over 100 different combinations of materials, thickness, and ratios in order to create the perfect mattress specially catered for you.


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  • 3 Years warranty
    Magic Koil Baltico Dual Density Foam Mattress


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  • 1 Year warranty
    SleepMed Memory Foam Mattress (Super Single in 7 inch)


    Why sleep like a regular person, when you can sleep like a king?
    With SleepMed's Memory Foam Mattress, this hit favourite reminds us how it got its title with its open cell, temperature-sensitive, full Visco Elastic Memory Foam
    Superior comfort, and long-lasting support come together for unparalleled, restful slumber.
    NASA invented, the Memory Foam has the ability to relax you, and relieve your body aches as well!
    Fitted with a super-soft and stretchable fabric that is the perfect wrap for such a perfect rest-pad, you'll definitely get an out-of-this world, well-deserved dose of shut-eye with this galactic baby


    2 inch thick Memory Foam Top Layer
    5 inch thick Polyurethane Foam Support Body
    Soft Stretchable Knitted Fabric
    Available for Super Single only


    Length: 191cm
    Width: 107cm
    Mattress thickness is 7 inch

    Carton Size: 112x37x37cm
    Carton Weight: 15kg


    Mattress is compressed when shipped. Please allow 24hrs for mattress to bounce back to its original size.


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  • 10 Years warranty
    Magic Koil Memory Foam Mattress


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    Deliver in 5 Available Working Days

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