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  • 10-Year warranty
    OTO-Paedic DaVinci


    Firmness Scale

    Coil Type
    - Bonnell Spring

    - High Density Foam
    - Quilted Anti Dustmite Fabric

    Mattress Thickness
    - 8.5 inch

    Sizes Available
    - King 190cm x 183cm
    - Queen 190cm x 152cm
    - Super Single 190cm x 107cm
    - Single 190cm x 91cm

    - 10 Year Warranty

    *Please note that the mattress fabric colour is random.


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    Special Price S$251.00

    As low as: S$180.00

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  • 10-Year warranty
    PrinceBed Summer Dream Bonnell Spring Mattress

    - Heat Tempered Duracoil for additional firmness and spinal support
    - Reinforced edge and corners for maximum all round support
    - Foam Padding
    - Polyester Mattress Fabric treated with Anti Dustmite, Anti Bacteria, Anti Fungus feature

    Mattress Dimensions
    - King 190cm x 183cm x 21.5cm (8.5inch)
    - Queen 190cm x 152cm x 21.5cm (8.5inch)
    - Super Single 190cm x 107cm x 21.5cm (8.5inch)
    - Single 190cm x 91cm x 21.5cm (8.5inch)

    Mattress Firmness Scale

    - 10 Years


    Deliver in 14 Available Working Days

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